Final Fantasy 15

So I’ll start this off Final Fantasy 15, Now I’ve played a fair amount of different Final Fantasy games and I’ve just finished XV, ok couple of side quests/hunting left but main story done. at first the battle styles I was a bit sceptical about especially after playing the platinum demo (The demo nearly put me off the main game) But now its as fluid as anything warping between enemies and chaining combos with different weapons and elemental grenades cause that’s what they are really.

Right so I don’t wanna explain too much of storyline better of you just sit back and enjoy the game

Now the game itself was along time in production and whilst most visuals look great I cannot help but compare some of the scenery to other games, at the moment the best looking game I have played is still The Witcher 3. Needless to say this style looks good and is worth playing. The exception is the video scenes and summons here they have but in a ton of effort to make everything look beautiful.

From the start I found myself running around completing more side quests than concentrating on the main campaign and I have to say its paid of. It now allows me to travel at night and survive Demon attacks. (Your soon see that night time is no place for low levels) and when it comes to combat you can search the menu and you can choose between active combat and wait,  Now I keep my one on active however if you want to play a bit more tactical use the wait option, now what will happen is the combat will freeze your be able to plan out your attack and search for weak spots. Now many of sidequests are well simple terms just money making or XP they don’t really have any significance or uniqueness to them. However as soon as you get opportunity to attack enemy bases take it (your be rewarded well when you replay your last save after completing)

Main question however leads you across the country from the earlier stages and wide open spaces to a more linear structure in the final chapters, this where I have am issue Chapter 13, I don’t want to give away any spoilers but your see what I mean when you get there in comparison to everywhere else (tedious).

Plus points

  • Easy game to get into
  • Open world for farming/something to do hunting/chocobo racing etc/sidequests
  • Beautiful cuts scenes
  • Lots of upgradable skills


  • When battling in some areas where there is woodland the camera doesn’t catch up and it’s difficult to yourself
  • Chapter 13
  • Amount of standard weapons (although you can use any weapons you wise, there doesn’t seem to be alot except for the Armiger Arsenal)
  • To upgrade max skull trees requires alot of grinding, make sure you use any method at disposal to gain AP points


  • Always upgrade skills to get AP so that’s camping,driving long distance, activating Armiger, using magic etc
  • For easy AP when you have enemy call whistle use it as much as possible and summon low level enemies the  use warp strike to kill in 1 hit earning you AP with each kill
  • Camp alot for xp and cooking skills to grow

More to come…