If you need a decent fantasy trilogy to get into, then this should be one that you try.  From finishing the first book I found I couldn’t stop and soon found my fully invested in the character and the world and soon found myself picking up the second and third and going through them non-stop. I don’t want to give to much away so I’ll do my best not to mention any spoilers but they are great.

In this world there are those who are gifted, who can draw upon different powers, but not everyone can there are those who can only wield a single power and even rarer still are those can control them all ‘Mistborn’

For a thousand years the land has been under the control of the Lord Ruler, who’s very rule and presence set him up as a God above men. A man who is a thief, a survivor a Mistborn sets out to topple his rule and to free Skaa from a life of slavery and death to give them something they lost a long time ago Hope. But the Mistborns action have consequences that will effect not only him but everyone alive.

Brandon Sanderson managed to create a world that is gray, unless you are nobility hope is nothing but a dreamed that’s  been crushed.

I enjoy a lot of fantasy novels and after reading ‘Storm light Archives’ I had no choice but to give this series a go. unlike a lot of fantasy novels where magic is just magic, The Mistborn trilogy introduces  magic to us in a different unique way through allomancy, the use of different metals to enable the wielder to use a variety of different powers although only the Mistborn can use them all.

As the series go on your introduced to various themes that all combine to make this a brilliant series, nothing is missed out there’s plenty of action taking place around a well structured story full of mystery, intrigue and politics, Unlike a lot of fantasy books, the way this series is written makes it very easy to follow and your soon find your engrossed in the world of allomancy.


So if you like fantasy novels, with a great storyline, unique characters, and fantastic worlds you should definitely give this ago