So I’ve just finished TruthWitch by Susan Dennard and getting ready to read Wind Witch. I actually won a copy of Windwitch from TOR UK, but before I could start that obviously had to read Truth Witch.

I’ll make this as spoiler free as possible.

The book was very easy to pick up, and I found I had finished it before even realising (Drawbacks of using kindle and not having a proper book)  but I enjoyed it and very much looking forward to starting Wind Witch.

The story follows your two main protagonists, a thread witch who can see the invisible threads that bind the people and the world, and a truth witch who’s magic can discern the truth from a lie.  A very handy magic that could be make a kingdom very powerful, and also the reason they are being hunted.

The book has lot of suspense and action throughout from the very start as the duo take flight fleeing and fighting from one situation to next, as more and more people join in the chase for them, plots and secrets are revealed as Emperors, Prince’s, Mercenaries, and those from the void all struggle to catch the Duo and fulfil  all their own plans.

If you like Fantasy novels, this is worth a read the book itself isn’t too long so you wont find yourself getting bored, and is a very easy to follow.  At the end your find your ordering Wind Witch just to see what is going to happen.

Update Soon..