Wildlands is the latest title in the Tom Clancy universe. You play as a member of ghost recon as you partake missions across Bolivia in an attempt to overthrow the Santa Blanca Cartel.

I’m a huge fan normally of most Tom Clancy games. With Wildlands they have managed to combine a few different elements however in some ways it does feel lacking any substance.

What i liked about the game so far (not finished it yet)

  • Huge open world, lots of different types of terrain.
  • Alot of transport options however helicopter so far is my go to.
  • Gunsmith – getting to totally customise your weapons is great from paint work to every componant.
  • Multiplayer – 4 player coop always fun playing with friends.
  • Beautiful scenary, nearly on par with The Division
  • Alot of weapon options for various play style my go to is assault rifle w grenade launcher and sniper.

My dislikes

  • Missions are very repetitive, no matter what mission you do (play style does factor) but generally you scope out base then snipe.
  • Although using moniker ghost recon it does not play like any other ghost recon title (you still have so teammates you can issue commands)
  • So far story is very generic with not alot to linking missions however could just be as playing coop.
  • Flight controls for plane and helicopter are awful. Especially  when compared to other flight controls for example battlefield who have nailed it.
  • Unlike The Division the NPC characters just seem very sparce and pointless only there for when you need new vehicle.
  • Glitches…What game doesn’t have them i can deal with bodies half way through walls or floor when downed. However my worst one so far was my weapon disappeared and i was left hands outstretched and unables to do anything. I did fix this by going into menu and swapping weapons.


  • Flight controls would be first thing I’d like to see improved.
  • Resource collection, there are various oil,medical and tech resources to collect however when you are in coop you still have to collect these individually even if your coop partner has collected resources.

More to come