**Relatively Spoiler Free**
I started this book with no knowledge of the author or what to expect from the book, I’d actually won the book from a competition Tor UK was running. So it accompanied me on my journey to work.

So when i started this book i expected it to be more of a thriller from the descriotion, A travelling carnival arrives in a new town, people going missing in mysterious circumstances.

But soon you are greeted with the fact that this carnival and some of the carnival folk are not what they seem.

During their time in the new town, which is their last desperate attempt to secure some money for the carnival to survive. One of the carnival hands meets a local, and everything tells you from the start to be cautious of him.

The book itself was a nice easy read, and flowed very nicely.  The suspense building throughout, and when your certain youve got it figured out you have a nice twist thrown in.