Power Rangers, where to begin i am one of many who have watched this for nostalgia.  It wasn’t worth it.

So many films have a group of teenagers finding powers and going against a stronger enemy and joining together to overcome. (I know full well that exactly what power rangers did in the original) however this new movie has tried to take a darker turn, from characters dying to murders in Angel Grove not to mention people just coming out with the phrase ‘we have to kill her’ as if it was completely ordinary.

The directors have used the original names for the rangers, as well as other characters although one of the main protagonist has a new back story which doesn’t make too much how this person despite being a ex member of the team is now a witch and different powers altogether.

Theres a big emphasis on gold in this movie it is everywhere especially after the boss fight people in this town are gonna be rich….Although that money will probably be used to fix the giant potholes now created.

Zords, big part of ranger franchise and they looked awful the trex was probably the most noticeable one for how it was supposed to look. And I’m not gonna get started on the megazord.

I don’t want to write to much about the movie as a could probably describe whole movie in a few lines. The characters felt weak, the martial arts elementwas done very poorly compared to that of a TV show from 90s.

Probably the most nostalgic part was hearing the theme from original.

Overall probably 1/5