Susan Dennard’s second book in the Witchland’s series does not disappoint, And is a brilliant sequel to Truthwitch.  With the way the story has progressed book 3’s release couldn’t come soon enough. Definitely a worthy read.

Windwitch is the second book in the Witchlands novel’s series, and continues where Truth Witch left off.  The chase is on, separated by events in Truthwitch Iseult travels across the land searching for her threadsister with the unexpected help of a bloodwitch. Meanwhile Prince Merrik is announced dead after his ship is destroyed at sea, his sister the Princess is the prime suspect.

War is on the doorstop of the Witchlands as all its nations begin to draw sides, allegiances are broken, bandits and pirates all fight for superiority and a new darkness threatens the land.

Safi & Iseult thread sister’s have been separated both wish to get back to one enough but along their journey they must make a choice that will either bring them together or push them further apart. Can former enemies be trusted and become allies or friends? Aeduan a bloodwitch has he had a change of heart, can his new alliance be trusted and just how far will he go.

Windwitch certainly keeps up the action, as events unfurl, although the cleaved do not take as much time in this book, there are still plenty enemies for them to face.  The characters have al developed nicely we are shown what drives everyone, and some what into the change of heart of those who would have been enemies.  The strong female roles and bond between the two main characters is fantastic, yet their personalities are clearly unique and each character has grown into their own.

The story promises of something bigger to come, as the last two books have mentioned the reawakening of the wells and the cleaved,  They haven’t taken as bigger place in this book which may seem as more of a filler story to some, although that being said it has enabled the characters to grow.

I for one am looking forward to third book and am anxious to find out what happens next.