I’m going to start off saying 5/5 and must read!

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and welcome the next one with eager anticipation, OK more than eager anticipation. I couldn’t put the book down, which explains why I’ve been so tired last couple days.

This was a dark, passionate and gritty fantasy story of a girl who sold as a child, wrongly convicted of murder, the gallows awaited until she was given a chance. An opportunity to become a sister a the Sweet Mercy convent, where she would be taught the ways of the red sister.  She will be forced to face the demons of her past, to accept her own darkness and become the deadly warrior the Red Sisters are trained to be if she has any hope of surviving.

After everything that has happened to Nona you can relate to her character, Red Sister shows her development from a child who was abandoned to a member of the convent. How friendships and rivalries are developed and how she learns to accept some of the dark truths about herself.

Throughout The book your met with plenty of tension and suspense and I can’t forget the action some of which is just Brutal.  Being set in a convent you may expect a lot of conversation and time spent on religious natures, luckily this doesn’t happen. Albeit the subject is touched upon the main focus is the characters, journeys and development of their skills as a sister.  So don’t let the idea of nuns put you off.

You have warriors, assassins, politics, betrayal,romance,sisterhood, magic, a world in danger. It has everything you need!

So if you haven’t you should already read this don’t wait around.


‘Its Not Until You’ve Been Broken That You Find Your Sharpest Edge’