I finally got round to watching volume 2, absolutely loved the first movie and couldn’t wait to watch this one.

I’m in two minds with this movie for what it was it was pretty good but i don’t think it felt as good as the first (curse of the sequels) And i can almost imagine part of the discussion when planning the movie; so ill start with the gripes as well there’s only a couple

“hey so new guardians movie right, these guys are gonna need a bad guy”


“bad guys gotta be a threat to the galaxy right remember these guys are guardians of the galaxy”


“Cant use thanos, or the stones”


“How about a living planet?”

“Go on…”

“Well this planet wants to take over the galaxy”

“ok i’m interested…but if his so powerful why hasn’t he tried before?”

“Erm he needs something to do it, like a stone??”

“Dammit i said said no stones”

“ok, what if he needs more power, like someone who has same powers as him?”

“like who”

“A son”

“Yeah… but who’s his son”


“Erm….Starlord’s already got a father his a spartax prince”

“Yeh ignore that”



Ok maybe it did’t sound like that but the gist is they have changed Peter Quills parentage to suit the movie. Where it feels like they just needed a new enemy for them to face, but where a bit stuck with ideas with how to introduce EGO and his desires and reasons he wanted to take over.

They didn’t stop there its almost as if the director told them to bundle in the emotion. Every character seems to have had a dose of emotion, Drax for example from the first movie very much the serious warrior who didn’t understand sarcasm and took everything literally is now a joker, the whole movie it was almost like he was high on laughing gas the whole time and even playing practical jokes.

On a lesser note i thought the soundtrack for Volume 1 was more memorable too.

That’s it really for the main gripes, as for the rest of the movie was pretty damned good. As with the first movie Vol.2 kept the action going as well as the humour, Some of the banter throughout the movie was pretty damned funny.

Yondu also returned in Vol.2 and one line rocket makes gives a nod to Yondu in the comic series who was actually a leader of Guardians of the Galaxy along side his taller fin.

All in all for a movie in itself very good, and very enjoyable to watch, If you knew some of the previous history of guardians you might find a few bit disagreeable but all in all worth watching.


4/5 could be improved but personally i feel with a few adjustments it could of been better than the first.