This was a slightly different sort of reading than what i normally would do. Most of the time its either fantasy,  thriller or crime and the only science fiction books i would read would be those to do with third party sources, e.g video games like halo or movies like star wars.

Although it is not my usual type of reading i fully intend to carry on with series, as i want to know what happens next, and that’s the key really.

The story takes place in the far future across galaxies, mankind has left Earth its home world behind.  Using ‘The Flow’ and interstellar pipeline as such to travel vast distances across space.  this has helped mankind created colonies across space, Some of the colonies are nothing but giant space stations or artificial habitats on worlds that would other be uninhabitable.

The flow pipeline is breaking down, which will leave millions of people stranded and many of the home worlds reliant on trade between the others to survive in dire need.

There are those who know about the upcoming change, but what can they do about a natural phenomenon breaking down.  What can they do about the millions who will perish, on top of that there are those who would use seek to use this disaster to position themselves as the most powerful family.

The Collapsing Empire is very clearly the start of a new series, that promises so much, and with some science fiction you may find your self overwhelmed by the sci fi talk,  Luckily The collapsing Empire is very accessible for anyone.

The characters are very well written, each with their own unique personalities and back stories.

Treason, Politics, Kiva, Disaster, Space, Murder, Plots this has everything you need.

4/5 A great start to a new series, and will happily read the rest.