I have just finished Horizon and honestly what a game, i enjoyed every minute of it, and would recommend if you haven’t already played it to go out and get yourself a copy, with breathtaking visuals, a gripping story that builds on the emotion of Aloy our hero.


You play as Aloy, a hunter, an outcast in a post apocalyptic world filled with savage machine animals for you to hunt and kill whilst you explore the world and uncover the secrets left behind by humanity for the “apocashitstorm” happened/

This open world adventure truly is an adventure, with great storytelling and quest lines, although there are side quests and errands i didn’t feel that same fatigue i would get playing other rpg’s and open world games where they just keep chucking pointless quests at you. (If you want to 100% the game its worth doing them all as you will need to complete specific side quests and errands to get a trophy for allies – Most of these quests you cant really miss) I just got so engrossed in the game i didn’t realise the hours ticking away.

Although i would find myself getting distracted setting traps and hunting packs of animals, there’s nothing quiet like setting some explosive tripwires in a canyon before setting of an explosion behind a herd of animals and watching them run for the canyon and then BOOM. And you definitely need to utilise every tool and your disposal to defeat the stronger enemies.

There is plenty of weapons and methods you can use to subdue or defeat your targets, overriding machines to get them on your side (If you complete the Cauldron missions you can override even larger and stronger animals to have on your side) from fighting the machines, to trapping or corrupting them plenty of options to make each fight unique.

I would definitely recommend getting the shield weaver armour as soon as you can.


  • Fluid Combat with lots of variations
  • Beautiful scenery and landscapes
  • Great storytelling and animations
  • Strong narrative
  • large variety of armour and weapons
  • Immersive world to get lost in, and explore
  • large variety of enemies


  • The are a couple of glitches nothing too major though but for point of fairness i will note them down, on occasion I’ve let loose some arrows from cover only for them to get stuck floating in the air after hitting some invisible border to a wall or tree.
  • Some cut scene deaths seem a bit over the top and stage play like (the character will be talking, then all of a sudden go limp
  • left over skill points (Whilst levelling up and completing side missions I’ve got a bunch of left over skill points




Fantastic, Brilliant, Gripping, Beautiful, Must Play