This is a physiological thriller, set in dystopian future wherr corporations will do anytjing to.control the masses. Carrina an ex-neuroscientist, who can not accept her past and now spend her times in drug fuelled states, her body deteriorating from the addiction. Nothing more than a junkie who spends her drug fuelled troops in the zeal lounge fulfilling her desires of murder (a female Dexter so to speak)

During one trip something different happens she is sent an embedded vision, a memory from an old colleague that will give her every opportunity for revenge and for justice should she choose to unlock the buried memories. But to unlock those memories she has to accept her demons, and delve into memories she would rather forget. But if she does she will have the power to bring revenge down upon the people responsible.

The characters in the story are very well written, each one unique and driven by their own desires. From justice, revenge to love. And you can easily find your identifying with them and the their motives for what they are doing.

The settings is a futuristic America’s, and although this is the basis of the world the author has managed to create the world without delving into to much science fiction on how everything works and complicating the story. And the world she manages to create honestly it could well be how the future turns out, from corporations controlling everything, to ski in lounges where people can change the way the look at will.

Definitely worth a read, 4/5


Suspense, Tension, Action, Revenge, Justice, Corruption